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Our leadership training platform equips individuals with wholesome, performance driven life skills to cope and maintain a level of independence to be the best you.




We strive to be a source of guidance and knowledge and help those who are less fortunate to seek employment and give back to our community. We will encourage those individuals to "pay it forward" just as they have been given those opportunities. 




Stay tuned for more information. 

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"I have found The Barnabas Beat to be a valuable member of our leadership focus in Newton-Conover City Schools. I have known Derek for over 30 years and have always found him to be a top notch person. He is invested in our community and sees the bigger picture goal of public education: making tomorrow brighter by providing hope today. His support of our building leaders has been essential in their weathering the challenges related to COVID-19. He has also walked alongside our building leaders to provide leadership advice as well as a listening ear. His ongoing encouragement of our leaders has been essential and they look to him as a trusted and unbiased advisor. He is well connected with community resources and as an organizational leader himself, he can truly understand the challenges associated with being in charge. I strongly encourage any organization that is looking to take the next step in growing their leaders to partner with The Barnabas Beat".


Aron R. Gabriel, Ed.D
Superintendent Newton-Conover City Schools

"I have been meeting with Derek since September, 2020. He has been extremely accommodating of my schedule, which can fluctuate wildly from day-to-day, and has always been prompt and on-time when we meet. Beyond that however, the true value of meeting with him has been in the quality of his feedback, and in the honesty of his approach. I feel exceedingly comfortable talking to him about anything going on--my personal life included--and the dialogue and rapport between the two of us has grown considerably over this past year. It is wonderful being able to get feedback from someone 'outside' the educational domain, as it provides an out-of-the box way of thinking about things. That, combined with the spiritual character of who he is, makes our time together invaluable. So invaluable, that within a few months, I was confirming with him before our meeting that he was coming in because I already knew what I needed to talk to him about. I cannot overstate how much I have appreciated his time this year, and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future. Our time together feels like it is about me--what I need--and that is a nice thing to have in any profession."



Joshua Weese


Conover School

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